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Community Events for the whole family!

Our  Board of Directors


CANDACE MILLER, Executive Director

ARBARA JOHNSON, Administration


MARTIN CROCKETT (Chairman), Software Engineer

KENT ELLINGSON (Treasurer), Retired Educator

DARLENE FLUKER, Interior Design /Engineer

DONNA GUAJARDO, Project Management

DR. DAVID E WILLIS, Property Developer

Art for a better life!

We understand that life can be challenging and art can be an unmatched avenue for expression, release and reward. Ask about our GOOD LYFE programs!

Arts Group and Center

Good Eats and Good Music!

Phenomenal Musicians in an intimate setting!

​​Jazz BeCuzz

Tel: 214-238-0102  ~ 9319 Lyndom B Johnson Freeway #120 Dallas, TX 75243

Evenings of jazz!

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