Jamada Holloman, Saxophone Instructor


The JAZZ BECUZZ ART CENER (JBAC) opened April 2015. JBAC provides music classes, music movie nights, visual art projects, and various programming. JBAC is also the new home of the month live music and educational series JAZZ 101, which is currently in its 5th season. JBAC houses several resident artists including sax player and educator Jason Davis and the Stage Band South Big Band. JBAC is already reaching its peak with classes ranging in instrumentation and content. In 2016, JBAC plans to expand, providing various dance classes and expanding the digital recording education with a full fledged recording studio

arts Group and Art Center


Candace "Mahogany" Miller

The Jazz BeCuzz Arts group is a eclectic group of amazing artist and educators who believe the power of creative arts and the impact it has in our families, schools and communities. This group organized  and runs under the leadership and vision of Candace "Mahogany" Miller

Candace “Mahogany” Miller (born October 3, 1976) is an American musician, producer, educator, and writer from Richardson,Texas. Candace is best known for her high-energy soulful music performances with her band as well as many performing groups both locally and abroad. Her artistic endeavors include heavy studio work, film, radio, theater and is currently positioning herself to pass on her knowledge of performance, including music, dance and production to her students. She is a mother of four and has served as a minister of music for over 20 years.

Although Candace’s music has crossed borders around the globe, she has played a significant role is ushering live music and events to the city of Dallas in not only venues but the class rooms and corporations. She featured at the Dallas City performance Hall grand opening amongst the best Jazz musicians in the region. Candace has a rich history full of amazing artistic honing from greats right in her own town including Mr Roger Boykin,  Maestro John Tatum, the amazing Curtis King, and visual artist Victoria Meek.

In 1991 with her father's guidance, at age 15 Candace outlined the complete business structure for her music movement and center. This was the beginning of Mahogany Music Productions. Today this vision is reaching new heights as Candace is launching Jazz BeCuzz, an inspiring arts group where the primary focus is creating, presenting and preserving art by using an amazing improvisation approach!


Resident Instructors

Cederic Miller, Drum Instructor


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