The Soul of Jazz Experience
If you love live music, you won't want to miss the biggest local concert fundraiser in decades. Experience stunning renowned artists at The Soul of Jazz Experience on August 7th at 2:30 pm at the Kawai Piano Gallery in Plano. This event supports Jazz BeCuzz, "where are becomes tangible through the sounds, the sights, and the soul." Now is your chance to express your love of the arts and the support of your local community when you buy a ticket, donate, or help sponsor the event. All proceeds go towards the Jazz Becuzz Art Center's expansion into a new facility to host its worthy mission.​

Jazz BeCuzz

Jazz BeCuzz encourages, cultivates, and implements interactive fine arts and cultural arts opportunities within the community. Jazz BeCuzz has always worked to be a positive force, with music and art as their tool for change. They create education, bonding, expression, and communication opportunities for the entire family structure with specialized programming for youth and senior citizens. Art makes room for everyone, so come as you are and be a part of the family.​

Renowned Artists

The Soul of Jazz fundraiser features artists you know and love. They include:

  • Andrea Wallace
  • Bobby Sparks
  • Buddy Mohmed
  • Cederic No Worryz Miller
  • David L Willis
  • Dena Mapa
  • Dzidzor Amorin
  • Garrett DeRudder
  • Jazz Becuzz Horn Ensemble
  • Jarriel Carter
  • John A Lewis
  • Jonathan Fisher
  • Kent and Kay Ellingson
  • Larry Davis
  • Linny Nance
  • Lloyd LJay Thomas
  • Mahogany TheArtist
  • Marcus Parks
  • Mark Wilson
  • Mike Needham
  • Myles Tate III
  • Payton Taylor
  • Skrypt
  • Thom Brownlee
  • Wayne Adamiec

There is no shortage of talent for you to enjoy at The Soul of Jazz Experience fundraiser. So show your support when you buy tickets, donate, or sponsor the event. Tickets are $30 pre-bought or $40 at the door. But there are opportunities to show greater support.

Artistic Mission

Every artist starts somewhere, and Jazz BeCuzz has made combining art education and family bonding the central part of its mission. Jazz Becuzz offers classic and contemporary creative exploration, specialized programming for seniors and youth, and The legendary Tuesday Night Jazz Jam session. In addition, a revolving calendar of artistic events creates positive change in the community and embraces new members into the interactive world of artistic expression.

Come out and enjoy the best in Jazz, Funk, and Soul and help fund-raise for a worthy cause at The Soul of Jazz Experience concert at the Kawai Piano Gallery in Plano. So get your tickets online or at the door, and keep the music going.


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​​Jazz BeCuzz

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